Solarity Workshop Session 2

Imagining Indigenous Solarities: 7th Generation Character Design Workshop

Led by Maize Longboat and Waylon Wilson

Ever imagined what your descendants might be like seven generations from now? What about the world they live in or how society might function? The 7th Generation Character Design Workshop, produced by Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace (AbTeC), invites you to imagine a future informed by solarity and the Indigenous Future Imaginary discourse. Guided by provocative questions and discussion, this hands-on workshop will give participants the opportunity to imagine and design characters from their future as a method of critically analyzing our society today. By imagining the future, we are able to better understand our individual and collective responsibilities to our descendants, thereby providing us with a base for enacting real change in the here and now.

Day 1: Discussion – The first day of the workshop will be guided by discussions focused on developing through-lines between solarity and the Indigenous Future Imaginary discourse. Discussions will be summarized and participants will then be asked to activate the knowledge generated and absorbed throughout the day to imagine and design a seventh generation descendent using paper and pencil.

Day 2: Character Design – The second day of the workshop asks participants to revisit the discussions from Day 1 and share how their character designs were informed by the materials, themes, and questions generated. Participants will then have the opportunity to refine their character sketches. A written profile will be created to accompany the character sketches, both of which will appear in the final co-authored chapter in the forthcoming After Oil School 2 publication and shared with AbTeC to support future research initiatives.


Darin Barney, Derek Gladwin, Simon Orpana, Shirley Roburn, Emilee Gilpin, Kyle Whyte, Melina Laboucan-Massimo, Jordan Kinder, Elizabeth Miller (Liz)