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After Oil

Petrocultures Research Group, After Oil (West Virginia University Press, 2016)


Darin Barney and Imre Szeman, ed., Solarity. Special issue of South Atlantic Quarterly 120.1 (2021)

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Solarities: Seeking Energy Justice

A collective engages and mirrors the critical need for energy justice and transformation.
Solarities considers the possibilities of organizing societies and economies around solar energy, and the challenges of a just and equitable transition away from fossil fuels. Far from presenting solarity as a utopian solution to the climate crisis, it critically examines the ambiguous potentials of solarities: plural, situated, and often contradictory.

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About After Oil

After Oil is an ongoing series of research events designed to explore, critically and creatively, the cultural politics of energy use in the context of climate change and energy transition.